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What is a triathlon?

A triathlon consists of swimming, biking, and running. There are several race distances which are regarded as standard:

Sprint – Swim 400m, Bike 20k, Run 5k

Olympic– Swim 1500m, Bike 40k, Run 10k

Half-Ironman– Swim 1900m, Bike 90k, Run 21k

Ironman– Swim 3.8k, Bike 180k, Run 42k

Race distances can vary somewhat from those above, but most races fit pretty closely with the distances. The race can start in different formats, in a swimming pool, athletes will start in intervals of 15-30 seconds and complete a number of lengths. Or they will start in groups or waves of 50-100 off a dock with the athletes diving in or already in the water behind the “start line”. Races can also start on the beach with triathletes running in to the lake, ocean, etc. The swim is usually very crowded with a lot of pushing and kicking to get ahead. At the end of the swim, the athletes exit the water and start on the first transition, T1. They run to the bike racks, put on shoes, and hop on their bike. Biking is the best time in the race to refuel with drinks and energy bars/gels. After the bike segment is complete, the triathletes return back into the transition area for T2. They drop their bike off and leave for the last leg of the race, the run.Then comes crossing the finish line!

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