Road Runners Latest News 14/11/2019

05/11/2019  5 Mile Town Handicap Race

Pos'nNameHandicap TimeActual TimeCat.Age GradeAge GradeNotes
1/11William Crowe00:56:4200:43:1608:39/mileSM20-2449.31%New Town Handicap PB (3min18sec improvement)
2/11Ryan O'Dell00:58:0500:37:3707:31/mileVM40-4461.38%New Town Handicap PB (1min55sec improvement)
3/11Richard Adamson00:58:5800:32:5606:35/mileVM40-4468.54%Town Handicap PB stays at 00:31:31
4/11Peter German00:59:1300:42:5408:35/mileVM65-6965.86%Town Handicap PB stays at 00:40:11
5/11Frances Stanton00:59:1900:43:0008:36/mileSL25-2956.28%Town Handicap PB stays at 00:39:35
6/11Yvette Adamson00:59:2100:40:2508:05/mileVL40-4463.68%Town Handicap PB stays at 00:39:17
7/11Alan Burgin01:00:0000:42:0608:25/mileVM65-6967.12%Town Handicap PB stays at 00:37:45
8/11Sasha Suvorov01:00:0200:43:2708:41/mileVL40-4457.91%Town Handicap PB stays at 00:40:14
9/11Pauline Stocker01:00:3200:43:3008:42/mileVL55-5970.90%Town Handicap PB stays at 00:39:21
10/11Hilary McConville01:00:5200:50:5410:11/mileVL65-6967.11%Town Handicap PB stays at 00:44:10
11/11Ellie Richards01:09:00Lost
Town Handicap PB stays at 00:53:23

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03/11/2019  Bonfire Burn 10k

Pos'nNameTimePaceCat.Age GradeNotes
15/834Richard Moore00:37:2306:01/mileVM40-4477.15%Club 10k VM debut

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02/11/2019  Parkruns

Cambridge Parkrun
Pos'nNameTimePaceCat.Age GradeNotes
1/340Richard Moore00:18:1205:51/mileVM40-4476.13%Cambridge Parkrun PB stays at 00:17:43
80/340Joe Allen00:24:2807:53/mileU20M55.21%Cambridge Parkrun PB stays at 00:23:51

Bracknell Parkrun
Pos'nNameTimePaceCat.Age GradeNotes
27/201Simon Williams00:25:0108:03/mileSM35-3954.16%New Bracknell Parkrun PB

Wimpole Estate Parkrun
Pos'nNameTimePaceCat.Age GradeNotes
91/233William Crowe00:27:1608:47/mileSM20-2447.31%Wimpole Estate Parkrun debut
191/233Ellie Richards00:33:4210:51/mileSL20-2443.92%Wimpole Estate Parkrun debut

Huntingdon Parkrun
Pos'nNameTimePaceCat.Age GradeNotes
4/218Ciaran Burke00:19:5006:23/mileU15B71.55%Huntingdon Parkrun PB stays at 00:18:42
42/218Georgia Hill00:25:3008:12/mileSL25-2958.04%Huntingdon Parkrun PB stays at 00:24:19
45/218Ieva Klavina00:25:5908:22/mileVL35-3958.52%Huntingdon Parkrun PB stays at 00:21:04
46/218Bruce Grimley00:26:0008:22/mileVM60-6463.93%Huntingdon Parkrun PB stays at 00:20:39
74/218Steve Burke00:27:4208:55/mileVM45-4951.99%Huntingdon Parkrun PB stays at 00:24:23
89/218Farrell Macrae00:28:3509:12/mileVM50-5452.02%Huntingdon Parkrun PB stays at 00:24:42
163/218Joanne Wilson00:35:1011:19/mileVL45-4946.55%Huntingdon Parkrun PB stays at 00:31:31
195/218Julia Tebbs00:41:2813:21/mileVL45-4939.05%Huntingdon Parkrun PB stays at 00:29:15

Pocket Parkrun
Pos'nNameTimePaceCat.Age GradeNotes
61/145Neil Carrington00:28:0409:02/mileVM50-5452.55%Pocket Parkrun PB stays at 00:26:36

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27/10/2019  Fenland 10

Alan Burgin reports:  There was a small but highly competitive group of Hunts AC runners representing the club at the Fenland 10. The weather for this year's 10-mile race was good, considering the very wet, grey, windy day we had had the day before. There was wall-to-wall sunshine on race day and a WNW wind which was not too much of a problem. The winner's time was 56:09.4 and in all there were 373 finishers. Hunts AC runners all ran very well and finished as follows:

Pos'nNameTimePaceCat.Age GradeNotes
5/373Ty Farrer00:57:1905:44/mileVM45-4985.09%Club 10 mile VM PB stays at 00:56:38
19/373Rod McKee01:00:5906:06/mileVM45-4981.96%New club 10 mile VM PB
22/373Duane Tomaselli01:02:0106:12/mileVM40-4475.58%Club 10 mile VM debut
120/373Alan Burgin01:16:5907:42/mileVM65-6976.32%Club 10 mile VM PB stays at 01:11:23
196/373Pauline Stocker01:26:4108:40/mileVL55-5973.04%Club 10 mile VL PB stays at 01:21:57

Hunts AC: 19/10/27 - Fenland 10 &emdash;
Ty Farrer
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26/10/2019  Snowdonia Marathon

Pos'nNameChip TimePaceCat.Age GradeNotes
16/2369Nick Osborn02:57:5006:47/mileSM35-3971.39%Club Marathon SM PB stays at 02:38:22
1034/2369Jeff Mercer04:27:0010:11/mileVM40-4448.74%Club Marathon VM PB stays at 03:57:07

Hunts AC: 19/10/26 Snowdonia Marathon &emdash;
Nick Osborn
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26/10/2019  Parkruns

14 Olivia Mead 22:30 (1st female finisher, Hunts AC best by 34 secs, 23rd to 19th in the Hunts AC all-time rankings)

Cambridge Parkrun
Pos'nNameTimePaceCat.Age GradeNotes
86/384Adrian Smith00:24:0107:44/mileVM65-6969.84%Cambridge Parkrun PB stays at 00:23:17

Stevenage Parkrun
Pos'nNameTimePaceCat.Age GradeNotes
145/287Farrell Macrae00:29:4909:36/mileVM50-5449.87%Stevenage Parkrun debut

Eastville Parkrun
Pos'nNameTimePaceCat.Age GradeNotes
88/276Mike Rose00:24:4907:59/mileVM55-5962.98%Eastville Parkrun PB stays at 00:23:47
125/276Marion Barber00:26:3108:32/mileVL55-5968.28%Eastville Parkrun debut

Vogrie Parkrun
Pos'nNameTimePaceCat.Age GradeNotes
2/158Tom Oliver00:17:4505:43/mileSM25-2972.68%Vogrie Parkrun debut

Sewerby Parkrun
Pos'nNameTimePaceCat.Age GradeNotes
37/151Simon Williams00:24:2607:52/mileSM35-3955.45%Sewerby Parkrun PB stays at 00:22:57

Huntingdon Parkrun
Pos'nNameTimePaceCat.Age GradeNotes
14/230Olivia Mead00:22:3007:15/mileU17L68.02%Huntingdon Parkrun PB stays at 00:21:02
16/230Matthew Hiscock00:23:1107:28/mileVM45-4963.11%Huntingdon Parkrun PB stays at 00:19:55
33/230Amelia Darnell00:25:0708:05/mileSL20-2458.95%Huntingdon Parkrun PB stays at 00:22:12
49/230Bryan Nylander00:26:2608:30/mileVM50-5456.25%Huntingdon Parkrun PB stays at 00:22:49
91/230Diane Bunch00:28:4409:15/mileVL60-6469.50%Huntingdon Parkrun PB stays at 00:25:12
103/230Bruce Grimley00:29:2609:28/mileVM60-6456.47%Huntingdon Parkrun PB stays at 00:20:39
104/230Georgia Hill00:29:3009:30/mileSL25-2950.17%Huntingdon Parkrun PB stays at 00:24:19
156/230Joanne Wilson00:35:0011:16/mileVL45-4946.78%Huntingdon Parkrun PB stays at 00:31:31
167/230Julia Tebbs00:36:0411:37/mileVL45-4944.90%Huntingdon Parkrun PB stays at 00:29:15

Great Denham Parkrun
Pos'nNameTimePaceCat.Age GradeNotes
21/114Lilly O'Dell00:22:4407:19/mileU17L68.17%1st female - Great Denham Parkrun debut
40/114Ruby O'Dell00:26:0008:22/mileU11G65.62%New club 5k U11G PB - Great Denham Parkrun debut

Pocket Parkrun
Pos'nNameTimePaceCat.Age GradeNotes
1/152Ty Farrer00:17:5305:45/mileVM45-4979.90%Pocket Parkrun PB stays at 00:17:31

Coldhams Common Parkrun
Pos'nNameTimePaceCat.Age GradeNotes
144/261Lizzie Burgess00:27:5508:59/mileVL35-3954.46%New Coldhams Common Parkrun PB

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