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October 2019 News Reports

01/10/2019  5 Mile Town Handicap Race  details

Pos'nNameHandicap TimeActual TimeCat.Age GradeAge GradeNotes
1/12Ryan O'Dell00:56:2100:39:3207:54/mileVM40-4458.40%New Town Handicap PB (3min39sec improvement)
2/12William Crowe00:56:3400:46:3409:19/mileSM20-2445.81%Town Handicap debut
3/12Eleanor Richards00:58:2300:53:2310:41/mileSL20-2445.33%Town Handicap debut
4/12Diane Gannon00:58:2600:53:2410:41/mileVL60-6461.15%Town Handicap PB stays at 00:47:07
5/12Frances Stanton00:58:3000:43:4108:44/mileSL25-2955.40%Town Handicap PB stays at 00:39:35
6/12Hilary McConville00:59:5200:49:5209:58/mileVL65-6968.51%Town Handicap PB stays at 00:49:52
7/12Carl Rooney01:00:2700:32:2106:28/mileVM40-4470.83%Town Handicap PB stays at 00:31:54
8/12Pauline Stocker01:00:4200:42:5808:36/mileVL55-5971.78%Town Handicap PB stays at 00:39:21
9/12Adrian Smith01:02:0800:42:0808:26/mileVM65-6965.83%Town Handicap PB stays at 00:38:43
10/12Alan Burgin01:02:2400:42:3008:30/mileVM65-6966.48%Town Handicap PB stays at 00:37:45
11/12Richard Adamson01:02:5200:34:5006:58/mileVM40-4464.80%Town Handicap PB stays at 00:31:31
12/12Marc Moore

Got lost :(

Posted by ;Wayne Gimblett on 11/10/2019 20:05:24

05/10/2019  Parkruns  details

Bushy Parkrun
Pos'nNameTimePaceCat.Age GradeNotes
43/1838Simon Margot00:18:2905:57/mileVM40-4473.85%Bushy Parkrun debut
460/1838Ieva Klavina00:24:0507:45/mileVL35-3963.13%Bushy Parkrun debut
582/1838Pauline Stocker00:25:0308:04/mileVL55-5975.29%Bushy Parkrun debut
1124/1838Hilary McConville00:28:5809:19/mileVL65-6972.12%Bushy Parkrun debut

Cambridge Parkrun
Pos'nNameTimePaceCat.Age GradeNotes
4/436Richard Moore00:17:5505:46/mileVM40-4477.34%Cambridge Parkrun PB stays at 00:17:43
11/436Ciaran Burke00:18:4606:02/mileU15B75.61%Cambridge Parkrun PB stays at 00:18:46
12/436Kyan Mayo00:18:5006:04/mileU17M73.92%New Cambridge Parkrun PB
179/436Steve Burke00:26:2708:31/mileVM45-4954.02%Cambridge Parkrun PB stays at 00:25:06
204/436Joe Allen00:27:2208:49/mileU20M49.36%Cambridge Parkrun PB stays at 00:23:51
231/436Vicky Burke00:28:1409:05/mileVL40-4455.30%Cambridge Parkrun PB stays at 00:26:17

Linford Wood Parkrun
Pos'nNameTimePaceCat.Age GradeNotes
73/225David Spurle00:26:4508:37/mileSM35-3950.28%Linford Wood Parkrun debut
102/225Lizzie Burgess00:28:4109:14/mileVL35-3953.01%Linford Wood Parkrun debut

Huntingdon Parkrun
Pos'nNameTimePaceCat.Age GradeNotes
4/375Tom Oliver00:18:5906:07/mileSM25-2967.95%Huntingdon Parkrun PB stays at 00:17:34
43/375Bruce Grimley00:23:2407:32/mileVM60-6471.03%Huntingdon Parkrun PB stays at 00:20:39
71/375Peter German00:24:3807:56/mileVM65-6968.72%Huntingdon Parkrun PB stays at 00:22:56
103/375Georgia Hill00:26:2508:30/mileSL25-2956.03%Huntingdon Parkrun PB stays at 00:24:19
215/375William Crowe00:30:4209:53/mileSM20-2442.02%Huntingdon Parkrun PB stays at 00:24:28
248/375Diane Gannon00:32:1410:22/mileVL60-6461.96%Huntingdon Parkrun PB stays at 00:28:14
255/375Eleanor Richards00:32:3310:29/mileSL20-2445.47%Huntingdon Parkrun PB stays at 00:30:26
302/375James Haycock00:35:4011:29/mileSM25-2936.17%Huntingdon Parkrun PB stays at 00:27:08
316/375Diane Bunch00:37:0111:55/mileVL60-6453.95%Huntingdon Parkrun PB stays at 00:25:12
317/375Julia Tebbs00:37:0111:55/mileVL45-4943.75%Huntingdon Parkrun PB stays at 00:29:15

Corby Parkrun
Pos'nNameTimePaceCat.Age GradeNotes
100/215Farrell Macrae00:29:1309:24/mileVM50-5450.89%Corby Parkrun debut

Rietvlei Parkrun
Pos'nNameTimePaceCat.Age GradeNotes
1243/1273Sandra Acton01:13:3723:42/mileVL35-3920.65%Rietvlei Parkrun PB stays at 00:55:56

Felixstowe Parkrun
Pos'nNameTimePaceCat.Age GradeNotes
184/207Peter Whitehead00:40:3313:03/mileVM70-7444.00%New Felixstowe Parkrun PB

Manor Field Parkrun
Pos'nNameTimePaceCat.Age GradeNotes
20/111Natty Clifford00:24:0307:44/mileU11G70.94%Manor Field Parkrun PB stays at 00:20:50

Snowden Field Parkrun
Pos'nNameTimePaceCat.Age GradeNotes
4/80Ella Robinson00:19:5906:26/mileU17L76.59%1st Female - Snowden Field Parkrun debut

  • Event Website/Results:
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    Posted by ;Wayne Gimblett on 13/10/2019 12:24:18

  • 06/10/2019  Colchester Stampede Half Maraton  details

    Pos'nNameTimePaceCat.Age GradeNotes
    9/831Richard Adamson01:28:2206:44/mileVM40-4469.81%Club Half Marathon Pb stays at 01:25:01
    233/831Amy Steele
    01:51:5008:32/mileVL40-4462.61%Club Half Marathon Pb stays at 01:46:18
    288/831Yvette Adamson01:57:1608:57/mileVL40-4459.71%Club Half Marathon Pb stays at 01:45:08
    336/831Katie Strickland01:58:3509:03/mileSL25-2955.52%Club Half Marathon Pb stays at 01:58:34

    Hunts AC: 19/10/06 Colchester Stampede Half Marathon &emdash;

  • Event Website/Results:http://
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    Posted by ;Wayne Gimblett on 19/10/2019 11:22:32

  • 06/10/2019  Frostbite League - Priory Park, St Neots  details
    In the first Frostbite League race of the season, the Huntingdonshire AC juniors won the team race ahead of 14 other clubs as Howard Croft led all runners over the 1.5-mile course in 7:12 with Ollie Mills in 2nd place just 3 seconds behind.  Dominic Pauley closed out the scoring by the boys, finishing 4th in 7:40.  Such is the current strength in depth at the club that Jacob Preston (5th) and Ciaran Burke (6th) just missed out on scoring positions by one second as they both ran 7:41.  Eliza Mardon led the Hunts AC girls as she finished 30th overall and 3rd girl with 8:41.  In 51st place (7th girl), Lola Fletcher rounded out the team score as Hunts AC ran out winners with 88 points to Riverside Runners 109 points with Bourne in 3rd place on 228 points.  Altogether, 49 Hunts AC juniors took part in the field of 192.  This was the Hunts AC juniors 13th consecutive team win going back to October 2017. In the Senior 5-mile race, Dave Connell put in a strong performance, placing 2nd in the 387-strong field with 28:40 as the Hunts AC team of 44 finished 4th.  Ieva Klavina was first female across the line for Hunts AC as she ran 36:22 for 126th place (9th woman).

    Men scorers

    2nd Dave Connell 28:40

    12th Tom Oliver 29:29

    20th Rod McKee 30:12

    21st Andy Stowe 30:15

    37th Steve Church 31:50

    39th Simon Margot 31:54

    44th Richard Holland 32:29

    Women scorers

    126th Ieva Klavina 36:22 (9th female)

    170th Georgia Hine 38:31 (25th female)

    184th Olivia Mead 38:54 (29th female)

    Team Race Scores (16 teams)

    1st Riverside Runners 448

    2nd Cambridge & Coleridge 566

    3rd BRJ 581

    4th Hunts AC 655

    Posted by ;Wayne Dubose on 07/10/2019 16:05:56

    06/10/2019  Chester Marathon  details

    Pos'nNameChip TimePaceCat.Age GradeNotes
    8/3131Ty Farrer02:35:5505:57/mileVM45-4986.35%2nd VM45 - New club Marathon VM PB

    Hunts AC: 19/10/06 - Chester Marathon &emdash;

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    Posted by ;Wayne Gimblett on 13/10/2019 13:08:15

  • 06/10/2019  Wimpole Hoohaah Half Marathon  details

    Pos'nNameChip TimePaceCat.Age GradeNotes
    11/262Arseniy Suvorov01:35:4307:18/mileU20M63.30%Club Half Marathon U20M debut
    205/262Sasha Suvorov02:20:5510:45/mileVL40-4448.58%Club Half Marathon Pb stays at 02:05:17

    Hunts AC: 19/10/06  Wimpole Hoohaah Half Marathon &emdash;

  • Event Website/Results:http://
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    Posted by ;Wayne Gimblett on 14/10/2019 12:11:12

  • 12/10/2019  Parkruns  details

    Rushcliffe Parkrun
    Pos'nNameTimePaceCat.Age GradeNotes
    3/472Tom Oliver00:18:3105:58/mileSM25-2969.67%Rushcliffe Parkrun debut

    Huntingdon Parkrun
    Pos'nNameTimePaceCat.Age GradeNotes
    7/262Arseniy Suvorov00:20:0606:28/mileSM20-2464.87%Huntingdon Parkrun PB stays at 00:18:58
    25/262Matthew Hiscock00:22:5407:22/mileVM45-4963.89%Huntingdon Parkrun PB stays at 00:19:55
    30/262Olivia Mead00:23:0407:25/mileU17L66.35%Huntingdon Parkrun PB stays at 00:21:02
    34/262Christina Cowles00:23:2807:33/mileSL25-2963.07%Huntingdon Parkrun PB stays at 00:21:39
    44/262Bruce Grimley00:23:5807:43/mileVM60-6469.35%Huntingdon Parkrun PB stays at 00:20:39
    58/262William Crowe00:25:0708:05/mileSM20-2451.36%Huntingdon Parkrun PB stays at 00:24:28
    80/262Yinka Opaleye00:26:3108:32/mileVM45-4954.31%Huntingdon Parkrun debut
    104/262Georgia Hill00:27:5108:58/mileSL25-2953.14%Huntingdon Parkrun PB stays at 00:24:19
    115/262Chloe Wilson00:28:1309:05/mileSL20-2452.45%Huntingdon Parkrun PB stays at 00:24:16
    136/262Sasha Suvorov00:30:0009:39/mileVL40-4451.30%Huntingdon Parkrun PB stays at 00:25:19
    152/262Eleanor Richards00:31:1010:02/mileSL20-2447.49%Huntingdon Parkrun PB stays at 00:30:26
    197/262James Haycock00:34:5611:15/mileSM25-2936.93%Huntingdon Parkrun PB stays at 00:27:08
    200/262Moji Opaleye00:35:1811:22/mileVL40-4444.59%Huntingdon Parkrun debut

    Beeston Parkrun
    Pos'nNameTimePaceCat.Age GradeNotes
    65/365Andrew Enticknap00:23:2107:31/mileVM50-5463.16%Beeston Parkrun debut

    March Parkrun
    Pos'nNameTimePaceCat.Age GradeNotes
    24/140David Spurle00:25:2708:11/mileSM35-3952.84%March Parkrun PB stays at 00:25:11
    47/140Lizzie Burgess00:27:5208:58/mileVL35-3954.56%New March Parkrun PB
    105/140Julia Tebbs00:35:3611:28/mileVL45-4945.49%March Parkrun debut

    Dolgellau Parkrun
    Pos'nNameTimePaceCat.Age GradeNotes
    15/45Adrian Smith00:24:0107:44/mileVM65-6969.84%Dolgellau Parkrun debut
    36/45Tina Smith00:29:5109:36/mileVL55-5962.32%Dolgellau Parkrun debut

    Great Denham Parkrun
    Pos'nNameTimePaceCat.Age GradeNotes
    1/185Jacob Preston00:17:3705:40/mileU15B82.33%Great Denham Parkrun PB stays at 00:17:23
    27/185Sawyer Preston00:21:5507:03/mileU13B67.85%Great Denham Parkrun PB stays at 00:21:52
    29/185Darren Preston00:21:5807:04/mileVM40-4464.05%Great Denham Parkrun PB stays at 00:17:11

    Millenium Country Park Parkrun
    Pos'nNameTimePaceCat.Age GradeNotes
    50/126Farrell Macrae00:27:5308:58/mileVM50-5453.32%Millenium Country Parkrun debut

  • Event Website/Results:
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    Posted by ;Wayne Gimblett on 13/10/2019 14:28:56

  • 12/10/2019  Annual Presentation Eve - St Ives Corn Exchange  details
    Great turnout.  129 in attendance.

    Posted by ;Wayne Dubose on 13/10/2019 11:44:45

    13/10/2019  "Great Eastern Run" Fun Run   details
    Run in horrible conditions; a complete mud bath. 1st Dylan Tomaselli 16:49 4th Joseph Reindel 17:45 8th Dominic Pauley 18:17 (sent wrong way by a marshal) 16th Ella Robinson 19:09 (1st female) 21st Alexandra Braid 19:36 (3rd female, age 11) 33rd Natty Clifford 20:38 40th Eliza Mardon 21:20 44th Oscar Tomaselli 21:32 50th Lola Fletcher 21:50 (544 finishers)

    Posted by ;Wayne Dubose on 14/10/2019 09:02:56

    13/10/2019  Jubilee Junior Parkrun  details
    1st Tom Waterworth 7:36

    Posted by ;Wayne Dubose on 13/10/2019 11:41:58

    19/10/2019  Parkruns  details

    Preston Parkrun
    Pos'nNameTimePaceCat.Age GradeNotes
    131/366William Crowe00:26:2708:31/mileSM20-2448.77%Preston Parkrun debut
    285/366Ellie Richards00:33:0810:40/mileSL20-2444.67%New Preston Parkrun PB

    York Parkrun
    Pos'nNameTimePaceCat.Age GradeNotes
    4/568Tom Oliver00:16:4305:23/mileSM25-2977.17%New club 5k SM PB - York Parkrun debut
    6/568Ty Farrer00:17:1905:34/mileVM45-4982.52%York Parkrun debut

    Bedford Parkrun
    Pos'nNameTimePaceCat.Age GradeNotes
    126/318Ruby O'Dell00:27:0808:44/mileU11G62.88%Bedford Parkrun debut

    Cambridge Parkrun
    Pos'nNameTimePaceCat.Age GradeNotes
    8/379Ciaran Burke00:19:0906:10/mileU15B74.10%Cambridge Parkrun PB stays at 00:18:46
    10/379Kyan Mayo00:19:3006:17/mileU17M71.39%Cambridge Parkrun PB stays at 00:18:50
    143/379Steve Burke00:26:5008:38/mileVM45-4953.25%Cambridge Parkrun PB stays at 00:25:06

    Riddlesdown Parkrun
    Pos'nNameTimePaceCat.Age GradeNotes
    2/156Richard Moore00:18:5206:04/mileVM40-4473.44%Riddlesdown Parkrun PB stays at 00:17:43

    Ally Pally Parkrun
    Pos'nNameTimePaceCat.Age GradeNotes
    195/289Farrell Macrae00:30:2209:46/mileVM50-5448.96%Ally Pally Parkrun debut

    Wimpole Estate Parkrun
    Pos'nNameTimePaceCat.Age GradeNotes
    85/279Frances Stanton00:26:4508:37/mileSL25-2955.33%Wimpole Estate Parkrun PB stays at 00:25:59

    Huntingdon Parkrun
    Pos'nNameTimePaceCat.Age GradeNotes
    24/280Christina Cowles00:23:0207:25/mileSL25-2964.25%Huntingdon Parkrun PB stays at 00:21:39
    48/280Ieva Klavina00:24:5108:00/mileVL35-3961.18%Huntingdon Parkrun PB stays at 00:21:04
    78/280Sasha Suvorov00:26:2308:30/mileVL40-4458.33%Huntingdon Parkrun PB stays at 00:25:19
    88/280Bruce Grimley00:26:5708:40/mileVM60-6461.68%Huntingdon Parkrun PB stays at 00:20:39
    128/280Georgia Hill00:28:5809:19/mileSL25-2951.09%Huntingdon Parkrun PB stays at 00:24:19
    171/280Diane Gannon00:31:0610:01/mileVL60-6464.21%Huntingdon Parkrun PB stays at 00:28:14
    239/280Joanne Wilson00:35:4911:32/mileVL45-4945.71%Huntingdon Parkrun PB stays at 00:31:31
    243/280Julia Tebbs00:36:2011:42/mileVL45-4944.57%Huntingdon Parkrun PB stays at 00:29:15

    Pocket Parkrun
    Pos'nNameTimePaceCat.Age GradeNotes
    59/141Max Carrington00:28:4709:16/mileU13B53.14%Club 5k U13B PB - Pocket Parkrun PB stays at 00:26:32
    68/141Neil Carrington00:29:2609:28/mileVM50-5450.11%Pocket Parkrun PB stays at 00:26:36

  • Event Website/Results:
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    Posted by ;Wayne Gimblett on 21/10/2019 23:43:10

  • 19/10/2019  33 Mile Suffolk Ultra Marathon  details
    2nd Place Richard Adamson 4:13:46 60th Place Yvette Adamson 6:06:03

    Posted by ;Wayne Dubose on 20/10/2019 15:32:49

    20/10/2019  Jubilee Junior Parkrun  details
    1st Aaron Hawkins 7:35 (PB by 25 secs; 18th to 14th in Hunts AC all-time rankings)

    Posted by ;Wayne Dubose on 20/10/2019 12:00:46

    20/10/2019  Yorkshire Marathon  details

    Running his sixth marathon of 2019 and his third in six weeks, Ty Farrer represented England Masters as they took on the Celtic nations of Ireland, Scotland and Wales in the Yorkshire Marathon held in York. Ty finished 34th overall in a field of 4,310 and 3rd scorer for England Masters in the M45 category with 2:37.18. Two other Hunts AC athletes also represented England Masters with Nick Osborn (M35) placing 36th with 2:38:22 and Shane Hunt (M60) in 583rd with 3:23:11. The England Masters team easily beat the Celtic team. Running as individuals, Martin Rowe finished 626th in 3:25:03 and Bruce Grimley placed 1,115th in 3:44:12.

    Pos'nNameChip TimePaceCat.Age GradeNotes
    34/4310Ty Farrer02:37:1806:00/mileVM45-4985.59%Club Marathon VM PB stays at 02:35:55
    36/4310Nick Osborn02:38:2206:02/mileSM35-3980.16%New club Marathon SM PB
    583/4310Shane Hunt03:23:1107:45/mileVM60-6475.39%Club Marathon VM PB stays at 03:00:25
    626/4310Martin Rowe03:25:0307:49/mileVM55-5971.20%Club Marathon VM PB stays at 02:54:39
    1115/4310Bruce Grimley03:44:1208:33/mileVM60-6471.11%Club Marathon VM PB stays at 03:35:22

  • Event Website/Results:http://
  • View Club Athletes Results

    Posted by ;Wayne Gimblett on 22/10/2019 00:24:40

  • 20/10/2019  Ampthill Trophy  details
    In the Ampthill Trophy cross country races, Hunts AC came away with two gold medals, one silver and a host of other fine performances. In the Under 11 Boys 2k race, Thomas Richards came home first in 7:30, almost a minute and a half ahead of his nearest opponent. In the 4k race, Ella Robinson ran 15:51 to claim the Under 17 Women's gold medal, finishing as first woman overall, 72 seconds clear of the runner-up. To round out the medals, Dylan Tomaselli placed 2nd in the Under 17 Men's 4k race with 14:13. Other results: 2k 3 FU13 Eliza Mardon 07:59 3 MU13 Oscar Tomaselli 08:29 4k 3 MU15 Ciaran Burke 14:41 4 MU15 Aedan Lydon 15:19 7 FU15 Caitlan Burke 19:16 Senior 10k results: 14 Steve Church 41:55, 153 Steve Burke 65:21, 164 Vicky Burke 67:47

    Posted by ;Wayne Dubose on 21/10/2019 10:15:53

    20/10/2019  Town and Gown 3k/10k, Cambridge  details
    Tom Waterworth finished 3rd in the Town and Gown Junior 3k with 12:04 (72 finishers). In the 10k race, Marc Moore took over three minutes off his best, placing 262nd in 42:48 (2,303 finishers).

    Posted by ;Wayne Dubose on 21/10/2019 10:16:35

    20/10/2019  Swindon Junior Parkrun  details
    1st Sawyer Preston 7:39 (PB by 16 secs, 45 secs ahead of runner-up) - 85 finishers

    Posted by ;Wayne Dubose on 21/10/2019 10:17:09

    27/10/2019  Fenland 10  details
    Sorry, no news report yet?

    Posted by ;Wayne Dubose on 02/06/2019 08:49:21

    No more News Records Found!
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