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March 2018 News Reports

04/03/2018  WSEH Indoor Open, Eton,   details
Joe Purbrick competed in the Windsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow AC Winter Series indoor open meet at Eton, won the 60m hurdles in 8.85 secs and long jumped 5.50m to add 21 cms to his own club Under 15 Boys indoor record.

Posted by ;Wayne Dubose on 06/03/2018 03:50:23

04/03/2018  Cape Gate Vaal 10k, South Africa  details
376 Sandra Acton 2:08:29

Posted by ;Wayne Dubose on 06/03/2018 00:49:29

04/03/2018  England Masters Inter Area Match, Lee Valley  details
Competing for the winning womens Eastern Masters team at the England Masters Inter Area Match at Lee Valley, Sandra Pedley cleared a seasons best of 1.90m in the W50 pole vault to gain second place.

Posted by ;Wayne Dubose on 15/03/2018 07:43:53

04/03/2018  Cambridge Half Marathon  details
 56 Darren Matthews 01:17:32 98 Rod Mckee 01:20:34 177 Daniel Woolf 01:23:51 219 Ian Marshall 01:25:03 436 Stuart Laud 01:29:15 842 Ieva Klavina 01:36:00 945 Caroline Louise King 01:37:11 972 Caroline Archer 01:37:27 1232 Jeff Mercer 01:39:59 1954 Amy Steele 01:46:18 2189 Lizzie Burgess 01:48:21 2254 Pauline Stocker 01:48:48 2672 Christina Cowles 01:52:14 2735 Bryan Nylander 01:52:41 3343 Rebecca Farrer 01:56:44 3515 Chloe Wilson 01:57:49 3661 Jess Mann 01:58:43 4335 Diane Bunch 02:04:26 4389 Kim Laud 02:04:42 5859 James Haycock 02:20:44 6630 Miss Tessa Minns 02:38:35 6804 Julia Tebbs 02:47:10 7040 finishers

Posted by ;Wayne Dubose on 06/03/2018 10:15:11

06/03/2018  5M TT  details
1 Frances Stanton 58:11 (39:38), 2 Mark 58:24 (33:54), 3 Bruce Grimley 58:33 (35:10), 4 Arseniy Suvorov 59:00 (35:54), 5 Chris Beazeley 59:11 (35:53), 6 Di Gannon 59:15 (48:38), 7 Alan Burgin 59:16 (40:05), 8 Nina Szymor 59:38 (51:55), 9 Adrian Smith 60:33 (41:42), 10 Daniel Rigby 61:18 (36:48), 11 James Haycock 63:02 (51:54), 12 Paola Jean-Marain 63:04 (49:10), 13 Hilary McConville 63:58 (50:04), 14 Georgia Hill 64:57 (47:00), 15 Vasiliy Suvorov 65:52 (55:52) - actual times in brackets

Posted by ;Wayne Dubose on 07/03/2018 06:56:00

10/03/2018  Inter-Counties XC Champs, Loughborough  details
Derek Darnell reports: Eight Hunts AC juniors represented Cambs AA in the Inter Counties XC at Prestwold Hall near Loughborough today. Conditions were tough with slushy mud everywhere. However, the this did not prevent Joey Croft and Issy Wilkins having great runs to finish 34th in the U20M and 37th in the U15G respectively. Unfortunately Nicole Covell was unable to finish her race but Katie Wright, Amelia Darnell, and Lucy Waller, Howard Croft, and Casper Hiscock all made it to the finish of their races, getting covered in plenty of mud on their way! Well done to all on their selection for this and running today. U13B 3K Howard Croft 179th/309 U15G 4K Issy Wilkins 37th/304 U17W 5K Katie Wright 211th/278 U17M 6K Casper Hiscock 184th/281 U20W 6K Amelia Darnell 161st, Lucy Waller 166th/170 U20M 8K Joey Croft 34th/174

Posted by ;Wayne Dubose on 19/03/2018 11:10:29

11/03/2018  BMAF Indoor Champs, Lee Valley  details

Competing in the British Master indoor national championships at Lee Valley, and despite losing weeks of training through illness, Richard Phelan retained his indoor M55 high jump title with 1.50m and also won the gold medal in the long jump with 4.86m.  The following day, Richard picked up two national silver medals by pole vaulting 2.70m and triple jumping 9.96m.

M55 800m ht Geoff Brewster 2:26.02 (4); final 2:29.29 (8)

Posted by ;Wayne Dubose on 19/03/2018 11:12:18

11/03/2018  England Athletics Indoor Pentathlon Championships, Sheffield  details
At the England Athletics Under 15 Boys Indoor Pentathlon Championships at Sheffield, Joe Purbrick picked up his second national medal of the indoor season with a bronze-medal winning effort. In his first event, the 60m hurdles, in which he won a national silver a couple of weeks earlier, Joe led the field with 8.71 secs. In the long jump, Joe soared out to 5.62m to add 12 cms to his recent club record, finishing 2nd equal in this event out of a field of 21. His distance puts him 12th in the country for his age group. In the shot putt, Joe added more than a metre to his personal best with 9.69m to place 5th and ranked 23rd nationally. In the high jump, Joe was 9th best as he added 6 cms to Christian Roberts' 13-year-old club record with a 1.56m clearance for a national ranking of 32nd. In the his final event, the 800m, Joe chopped over 12 seconds off his PB with 2:23.16, the 5th best time. His score of 2626 points beat Christian Roberts' club record of 2399 which was set in 2005 and also improved his own personal best by over 700 points which he achieved last year.

Posted by ;Wayne Dubose on 12/03/2018 07:59:02

11/03/2018  Frostbite League, Jubilee Park, Huntingdon  details
The Huntingdonshire AC junior cross country runners made it the perfect season as they won the final Frostbite League race held at Jubilee Park Huntingdon.  Winning all six cross country races over the past six month against 15 other clubs, the Hunts AC junior team clinched the title for the second year in a row.  Leading the way for Hunts AC in 3rd place in the field of 184 which included 40 Hunts AC runners, Caspar Hiscock clocked 8:46 and was quickly followed in five seconds later by Shannon Flockhart who was the first girl to finish in 5th place overall. Seb Darnell (10th 9:05), Issy Wilkins (13th 9:09) and Spencer Taylor (15th 9:18) closed out the scoring team.  Kudos must go to Casper and Issy who both ran for Cambridgeshire AA in the Inter-Counties cross country championships near Loughborough.  Issy was a standout in this race as she placed 37th of 304 runner over the 4k course. This was the last junior race for Casper, Shannon and Seb before they move up to the senior distance next season.  Seb was given a special presentation for having competed in the most races ever in a junior career.  Out of 41 possible races over seven seasons, Seb ran in 38.  When the team race scores were tallied, Hunts AC ran out comfortable winners with 46 points to second-place Riverside Runners on 78 points with BRJ third with 102 points. With five previous wins, this team victory gave Hunts AC the maximum score in the final standings of 90 points with Riverside second with 82 points and BRJ third on 77 points.

Juniors:  17 Markus Downhill 9:19, 18 Angus Lawrence 9:20, 28 Henry Waller 9:48, 36 Brendan Rose 9:59, 37 Ciaran Burke 10:02, 42 Matthew Rose 10:05, 43 Alasdair Large 10:06, 46 Katie Wright 10:14, 48 George Jennings 10:19, 49 Thomas Richard 10:19, 50 Lloyd Brownston 10:22, 55 Evie Flockhart 10:27, 63 Willow Bedding 10:36, 69Aaron Hawkings10:46, 81 Ruby Ashman 11:00, 86 Caitlan Burke 11:11, 91 Rupert Raven 11:26, 92 Kieran Still 11:27, 95 Joel Isaac 11:31, 102 Cerys Davis 11:42, 112 Jacob Dodge 11:56, 115 Elliot Sly 12:00, 129 Ella Watson 12:32, 133 Ellie Linnell 12:36, 141 Mollie Webster 12:52, 142 Sophie Bambridge 12:52, 146 Ella Reed 13:05, 151 Isabelle James 13:12, 152 Rosie Linnell 13:14, 157 Moria Howard 13:39, 159 Barnaby Smith 13:45, 161 Zara Sharp 13:52, 163 Zac Farrer 14:02, 164 Maisie Isaac 14:03, 172 Eva Howard 14:18 (184 finishers)

In the senior competition, 44 Hunts AC runners took part in a field of 344 and placed 2nd on the day and 2nd in the final league table in both cases behind Riverside Runners.  This was the seventh year in a row that the club had taken home a top-3 trophy. In the 5-mile race itself, club cross country captain Ty Farrer led the way for Hunts AC with a 5th-place finish in 29:44.  Darren Matthews (6th 30:36) and Dave Connell (7th 30:38) also completed the race with top-10 finishes.  Remaining scorers included Rod McKee (13th 31:19), Steve Church (32:59), Daniel Woolf (28th 33:12), Sean Barker (34th 33:28), Kelly Crawford (102nd 37:26), Polly Smith (124th 38:47) and Ieva Klavina (126th 38:58).

Seniors:  36 Carl Rooney 33:37, 46 Martin Rowe 34:14, 51 Derek Darnell 34:36, 62 Ian Gallagher 35:13, 63 Shane Hunt 35:16, 69 Stuart Laud 35:37, 87 Arseniy Suvorov 36:27, 112 Dave Spurle 37:50, 127 Caroline Archer 39:00, 128 Bruce Grimley 39:01, 129 Caroline King 39:05, 130 Daniel Rigby 39:06, 131 Alan Burgin 39:19, 152 Amy Steele 39:49, 197 Hayden Waller 42:01, 202 Bryan Nylander 42:26, 212 Adrian Smith 43:13, 220 Pauline Stocker 43:40, 228 Phil Young 44:10, 229 Georgia Hill 44:14, 230 Amelia Darnell 44:17, 243 Sarah Haythornthwaite 45:15, 250 Yvette Adamson 45:58, 258 Jess Mann 46:22, 263 Katie Strickland 46:53, 264 Marion Barber 46:56, 267 Steve Burke 47:09, 304 Diane Bunch 51:27, 306 Diane Bunch 51:35, 321 Hilary McConville 54:37, 326 Peter Whitehead 55:54, 332 Charlotte Murie 56:33, 339 Julia Tebbs 58:21, 357 Sarah Smith 72:49 (359 finishers)

Posted by ;Wayne Dubose on 19/03/2018 08:41:41

17/03/2018  English Schools XC Champs, Leeds  details

Derek Darnell reports:  At the English Schools Champs yesterday Issy Wilkins improved from last year's 116th position to finish 54th (out of 342 in 12:19) in the Junior girls race despite taking a tumble into the mud mid way through the race. Issy was again first finisher for Cambs Schools. Conall McGinness (183/339 20:02)and Nicole Covell (287/323 21:13) finished further down their fields, finding it tough going as the weather and ground conditions worsened into the afternoon. Unfortunately, Joey Croft had to drop out early on but made the correct decision as he was clearly unwell.

Well done to all the Hunts runners (including Shannon who finished 14th in the Intermediate Girls race with 14:19) and spectators Rob, Alan, Sarah, Gaynor, Amelia and I, and the Waller family) for enduring the really cold wind and snow blowing across the course. Or should I call it the quagmire!

Posted by ;Wayne Dubose on 19/03/2018 11:30:41

18/03/2018  Swavesey 5M  details
Having completed his Frostbite League junior career a week earlier, Casper Hiscock announced his intention to be a player in the Frostbite senior ranks next season by winning the Swavesey 5M race in exactly 30:00. Still only 15 years old, Casper romped home the winner by over half a minute. 6 Arseniy Suvorov 34:48 (34:51 gun time), 7 Ciaran Burke 34:47 (34:54 gun time), 17 Adrian Smith 40:14, 20 Steve Burke 41:47, 31 Sasha Suvorov 44:24 (60 finishers)

Posted by ;Wayne Dubose on 19/03/2018 10:56:30

18/03/2018  Swavesey Half Marathon  details
28 Frances Stanton 1:47:21, 60 Georgia Hill 2:09:14 (84 finishers)

Posted by ;Wayne Dubose on 19/03/2018 10:57:30

24/03/2018  Bedfordshire AA Open - Sandy  details
Sorry, no news report yet?

Posted by ;Wayne Dubose on 13/01/2018 12:00:44

24/03/2018  Kettering Throws Open  details
Sorry, no news report yet?

Posted by ;Wayne Dubose on 24/02/2018 15:50:38

25/03/2018  Under 13 & 15 Open & Pentathlon, Lee Valley  details
Sorry, no news report yet?

Posted by ;Wayne Dubose on 13/11/2017 11:02:35

27/03/2018  Corby Open  details
Sorry, no news report yet?

Posted by ;Wayne Dubose on 24/02/2018 16:03:50

30/03/2018  Herts Phoenix Open  details
Sorry, no news report yet?

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    Posted by ;Wayne Dubose on 14/02/2018 19:37:30

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