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Nov 2004 - Huntingdonshire A.C.

Welcome to Huntingdonshire Athletics Club (Hunts AC)

Based in St Ives, Cambridgeshire, Hunts AC embraces the England Athletics equal opportunities/sports equity policy and welcomes all members of the community from the ages of 9 and upwards. We cater for all levels, whether you are a budding athlete or an experienced Junior or Senior competitor, an all-rounder or a specialist, a recreational five-miler or a veteran of a dozen marathons. Our activities cover the full range of athletic events including Track & Field, Road Running, Cross Country and Indoor Sportshall. For club information, click here or Email  


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Latest Eight News Items

14/05/2022  Cambridgeshire County Champs, Cambridge  details

County Championship Best Performances - 2

Club Records - 3

Gold Medals-  25

Silver Medals- 24

Bronze Medals- 18

TOTAL - 67 Medals (60 medals last year)

Personal Bests - 80


Of special note

U17M 800m - 1st Tom Waterworth 1:56.8

- New U17M County Championship Best Performance, beating 1:57.5 set by Colin Burton (Hunts) and T. Jarman (PAC) both in 1979

- 6th in U17M national rankings

- PB by 1.3 secs


U17W Hammer - 1st Willow Bedding 49.85m

- New U17W County Championship Best Performance, beating 46.60m set by L. Taylor (S&N) in 2018

- New Club U17W Club Record, beating 44.38m set by Charlie Batterbee in 2015

- 2nd in U17W national rankings

- PB by 5.88m


U20M Triple Jump - 1st Ayo Opaleye 14.12m (and 14.02m)

- New U20M Club Records, beating his own 13.91 set in 2021

- 7th in U20M national rankings

- PB by 21 cms


Under 13 Boys

100m Final (w/s +0.9)

1st Joshua Upward 13.79 PB

3rd Samuel Woodhall 14.47

200m Final (w/s +0.7)

2nd Joshua Upward 28.51 PB

3rd George Connell 28.92 PB

4th Samuel Woodhall 28.99

7th Frankie Benstead 31.20 PB

800m Final

2nd George Connell 2:25.08 PB

1500m Final

4th Ethan Locke 5:06.7 PB

5th Frankie Benstead 5:19.5 PB

8th Samuel Gibbons 5:32.7 PB

Long Jump

2nd Samuel Woodhall 3.84 PB


Under 13 Girls

100m ht 1 (w/s +0.1)

2nd Jessica Waterworth 15.01

4th Eden Downer 15.08

100m ht 2 (w/s +1.2)

4th Freya Ambler 15.60 PB

100m Final (w/s -0.4)

3rd Jess Waterworth 14.62 PB

6th Eden Downer 15.10

8th Freya Ambler 15.42 PB

200m ht 1 (w/s -0.1)

3rd Freya Ambler 33.32 PB

200m Final (w/s -0.4)

7th Freya Ambler 33.40

1500m Final

2nd Esme Lydon 5:32.25 PB

Long Jump

1st Anjola Opaleye 3.98 PB

5th Freya Ambler 3.09 PB

High Jump

1st Anjola Opaleye 1.35 PB


1st Jess Waterworth 8.79 PB


Under 15 Boys

100m ht 1 (w/s -1.0)

1st Sam Cooper 12.57 PB

100m ht 2 (w/s -0.3)

1st Harry Exell 12.78 PB

3rd Connor Daniels 13.02 PB

100m Final (w/s 0.0)

2nd Sam Cooper 12.48 PB

3rd Harry Exell 12.57 PB

7th Connor Daniels 13.00 PB

200m ht 1 (w/s -1.1)

2nd Sam Cooper 25.91 PB

4th Connor Daniels 28.44 PB

200m ht 2 (w/s -0.4)

1st Harry Exell 26.05 PB

2nd Liam Morris 28.12 PB

200m Final (w/s +1.3)

3rd Sam Cooper 26.05

4th Harry Exell 26.24

5th Connor Daniels 27.95 PB

6th Liam Morris 28.30

300m Final

1st Sawyer Preston 40.80 PB

800m Final

2nd Sawyer Preston 2:18.0 PB

4th Kieran Still 2:26.6

6th Liam Morris 2:35.2 PB

1500m Final

1st Noah Scott-Donkin 4:33.44 PB

3rd Oliver Albone 4:47.14 PB

Long Jump

4th Sam Cooper 4.70 PB


2nd Connor Daniels 27.92 PB


Under 15 Girls

100m ht 1 (w/s -1.0)

4th Rebecca Davies 14.93 PB

100m ht 2 (w/s +0.8)

4th Muna Mokah 16.10 PB

100m ht 3 (w/s -0.7)

3rd Izzy Newman 14.43 PB

100m Final (w/s +0.3)

8th Izzie Newman 14.42 PB

200m ht 1 (w/s +0.1)

3rd Rebecca Davies 31.62 PB

200m ht 2 (w/s +0.6)

3rd Izzy Newman 30.37 PB

200m Final (w/s +0.1)

4th Izzy Newman 30.30 PB

300m Final

2nd Molly Webster 44.69 PB

800m Final

3rd Cara Still 2:40.47 PB

7th Hollie Baynes 2:54.22

Long Jump

8th Holly Baynes 3.58 PB

9th Muna Mokah 3.29

Shot Putt

3rd Hollie Baynes 7.62


3rd Molly Webster 14.80 PB


Under 17 Men

100m ht 1 (w/s +1.0)

2nd Cillian Murphy 11.73 PB

100m ht 2 (w/s -0.3)

3rd Mackenzie McDonald 12.50 PB

100m Final (w/s +0.8)

2nd Cillian Murphy 11.68 PB

6th Mackenzie McDonald 12.33 PB

200m Final (w/s -1.4)

2nd Cillian Murphy 24.22 PB

800m Final

1st Tom Waterworth 1:56.8 PB

1500m Final

3rd Dom Pauley 4:20.2 PB

4th Aedan Lydon 4:32.0

8th Aaron Hawkins 4:50.1 PB

Long Jump

1st Cillian Murphy 5.24 PB

High Jump

2nd Toby Carroll 1.40 PB

Shot Putt

1st Max Jackson 11.79


1st Max Jackson 32.78

2nd Toby Carroll 24.78 PB


1st Toby Carroll 25.40 PB


Under 17 Women

300m Final

1st Lola Fletcher 45.87

2nd Caitlan Burke 47.21

800m Final

1st Lola Fletcher 2:30.94

Long Jump

2nd Moria Howard 4.77 PB

High Jump

2nd Caitlan Burke 1.45 PB

Triple Jump

2nd Moria Howard 10.62 PB

Shot Put

1st Tamzin Digpal-Race 9.98 PB


1st Willow Bedding 26.63


1st Willow Bedding 49.85 PB

2nd Tamzin Digpal-Race 33.64


Under 20 Men

100m Final (w/s -0.4)

1st Jason Bogle 10.83 PB

2nd Joe Purbrick (2nd claim) 10.85 PB

4th Dontae Bowling 12.02 PB

200m Final (w/s -1.4)

3rd Dontae Bowling 24.56 PB

800m Final

1st Brandon Ballard 2:03.22 PB

110mH (w/s -0.7)

1st Joe Purbrick (2nd claim) 14.20 PB

Triple Jump

1st Ayo Opaleye 14.12 PB

3rd Nikolaos Tirchineci 12.24

Shot Putt

1st Thomas Smith 11.43 PB


1st Thomas Smith 34.55


1st Thomas Smith 39.65 PB


Under 20 Women

100m Final (w/s -0.1)

3rd Lizzy Harrison 12.73

5th Sophie Bambridge 13.24 PB

200m Final (w/s -0.2)

3rd Lizzy Harrison 26.60

400m Final

3rd Abi Fuller 64.75

Long Jump

2nd Sophie Bambridge 5.01

Triple Jump

1st Maisie Isaac 9.91 PB


Senior Men

100m Final (w/s -2.7)

2nd Luke Diggs 11.57 PB

3rd Dan Steel 11.97 PB

200m Final (w/s -1.7)

2nd Luke Diggs 23.74 PB

400m Final

1st Morgan Webster (2nd claim) 49.79

1500m Final

1st Christopher Smith 4:04.98 PB

6th James Orrell 4:26.54 PB

Long Jump

2nd Dan Steel 4.25

Pole Vault

2nd Richard Phelan 2.70

Shot Putt

2nd Steve Burke 9.00


4th Steve Burke 27.69


3rd Dan Steel 42.59

4th Kuldip Digpal 33.21 PB

5th Steve Burke 30.04


2nd Steve Burke 34.91

3rd Bob Ellingham 34.31


Senior Women

100m Final (w/s -0.5)

1st Iona Newbegin (2nd claim) 12.55

200m (w/s -0.2)

1st Iona Newbegin (2nd claim) 26.07

1500m Final

1st Amelia Darnell 5:19.3

Posted by Wayne Dubose on 16/05/2022 09:22:40

14/05/2022  Parkrun  details

This is a list of members of Huntingdonshire AC who participated at a parkrun on 14.05.2022.
If you don't see your name here, please make sure that your club is added to parkrun profile otherwise more likely it will go unspotted by me (Road and XC captain Ieva). Thank you.
Ferry Meadows parkrun
A total of 464 runners took part.
P8, Joseph REINDEL 18:11
P15, Natty CLIFFORD 19:13
Wimpole Estate parkrun
A total of 296 runners took part.
P3 Tim JONES, 17:55
Huntingdon parkrun
A total of 232 runners took part.
2nd Lady, P5, Hanna BRICKELL, 20:27PB
P15, Guy FORSTER, 21:43
P32, Christina Lynn COWLES, 23:25
P35, Bruce GRIMLEY, 23:33
P92, Diane BUNCH, 27:13
P108, Jo CHATWOOD, 27:53
P110, Dominic MEAGHER, 27:58
P127, Vicky BURKE, 28:39
Rutland Water parkrun
A total of 259 runners took part.
P3 John UFF, 16:53PB
2nd Lady, P11, Shelley DUFFY, 19:56
Littleport parkrun
A total of 118 runners took part.
P20, James STOCKER, 21:56
Manor Field parkrun, Whittlesey
A total of 78 runners took part.
P38, Angela KING, 29:42
Storeys Field parkrun
A total of 336 runners took part.
P7, Simon BOWMAN, 16:51
P10, Darren PRESTON, 17:07
P11, Ty FARRER, 17:09
P16, David CONNELL, 17:23
P30, Joshua ANSELL, 18:39PB
3rd Lady, P57, Ieva KLAVINA, 20:26
P58, Richard ADAMSON, 20:26
P59, Matthew HISCOCK, 20:29
P184, Yvette ADAMSON, 26:21

Posted by Wayne Dubose on 17/05/2022 15:28:24

14/05/2022  Huntingdon Parkrun PBs  details

5th Hannah Brickell 20:27 (PB by 62 secs; 12th to 7th in club all-time rankings)

Posted by Wayne Dubose on 15/05/2022 10:23:07

14/05/2022  Night of 10,000m PBs, Highgate  details

Race 2 - 8th Dave Hudson 32:06.8 (Club Veteran Men's Record, beating Ty Farrer's 33:28.3 set in 2018)

Posted by Wayne Dubose on 15/05/2022 09:00:06

08/05/2022  3k Fun Run, Eye  details

1 Aedan Lydon 9:15 (Course Record)
5 Harry Pateman 10:47
8 Nathaniel Clifford 10:56
9 Lola Fletcher 11:16 (1st Girl)
10 Esme Lydon 11:19 (2nd Girl; 1st U13G)
30 Lily Reindel 13:33
(129 finishers)

Posted by Wayne Dubose on 09/05/2022 08:13:42

08/05/2022  Eye 10k  details

2 James Orrell 33:18
3 Martin Amos 33:33 (PB by 54 secs)
20 Harrison Evans 38:21 (PB by 2:23)
27 Joshua Ansell 39:40 (PB by 1:24)
30 Joseph Reindel 39:48 PB
51 Hanna Brickell 42:07 (PB by 1:47)
123 Luke Clifford 49:25
143 Christina Cowles 51:01
196 Alan Burgin 54:58
(337 finishers)

Posted by Wayne Dubose on 09/05/2022 08:12:45

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